National Anti-Bullying Week 2018

img_3559SHOW: Anti-Bullying


SUITABILITY: Two versions available; KS1 and KS2

TOUR DATES: Monday 12th November – Friday 16th November


For National Anti-Bulling week we will be launching our brand new Anti-Bullying play. The tour will run for one week only so spaces are limited.  The production is available in two versions; KS1 and KS2. Each version is appropriate for the intended age group and highlights different forms off bullying that need to stop; in the playground, the classroom, at home and online. The play is highly interactive with the audience and engages the children in new and memorable ways.

The shows can fit easily into any morning or afternoon session. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a slot.  You can reach us via email, Twitter, our online contact form or on 07479 252044 or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

“The Mystery of the Missing Murder” has been solved.

Our latest KS2 maths show has now come to a close for another year and what a fantastic tour is has been! Great schools, amazing audiences and a whole lot of maths. The show was suitable for the whole of KS2 but focuses mostly on year 6 students and the maths that will be important for their SATs.

Barking up the Right Tree Theatre maths show 
“The Mystery of the Missing Murder” featured the world’s worst detectives; Sherlock Houses and Miss Marbles. They try to investigate a murder which had never actually taken place (the “victim” is alive and well and spotted drinking tea) in the detectives attempts to try and prove which of them is the better sleuth, however the pair find themselves obstructed by various mathematical puzzles which need solving with the help of a number of eccentric characters. The production has an enormous amount of audience participation, involving the audience in every single mathematical problem, with children up on stage and the audience working as a whole to solve the maths.

Barking up the Right Tree Theatre maths show
The tours were broken into two parts, allowing schools to see the production before Easter (in good revision time before SATs) and again at the beginning of May (last minute revision reminders)

The show was such a success we will be touring it again next year alongside our brand new S.P.A.G English show. Stay tuned for dates and availability.

World Book Day is here!

In Barking up the Right Tree Theatre we are big fans of reading and love discovering new and exciting books.  We also have our favourites from when we were young and in primary school (just like all the children in our audiences) and favourites now we are older. To join in the celebrations of World Book Day we thought we would share them with you all.

Young Rich


The Little Vampire: “I always liked old horror films and the Little Vampire combined that with a story about two young boys around my age which I could relate to.”

Young Charley


Matilda: “As a child I was (and still am)  a huge fan of Roald Dahl.  Matilda always stood out as my favourite, as like her, I always had my head in a book.”

Rich now


Dracula: “I like the genuinely menacing atmosphere Stoker creates, the rich collection of characters and the sense of adventure particularly in the final chase towards the end.”

Charley now


Harry Potter: “I have read the Harry Potter series countless times and I know I will read them hundreds more. I love nothing better than immersing myself in the fabulous characters, wonderfully written storylines and delving into the battle of good vs. evil.”


Happy World Book Day everyone!


Another fab E-safety tour

So ends another great tour with “Save the Internet!” performing two versions of the show for both KS1 and KS2 audiences.  With full days of performing over the last three weeks we have travelled hundreds of miles, performed to thousands upon thousands of children and had a wonderful time showing the dangers of being online and how the internet can be a wonderful place if we use it wisely and stay safe!

This was the second time this academic year that Barking up the Right Tree Theatre toured with “Save the Internet!”  And already has more bookings for a reprise in May!