“The Mystery of the Missing Murder” has been solved.

Our latest KS2 maths show has now come to a close for another year and what a fantastic tour is has been! Great schools, amazing audiences and a whole lot of maths. The show was suitable for the whole of KS2 but focuses mostly on year 6 students and the maths that will be important for their SATs.

Barking up the Right Tree Theatre maths show 
“The Mystery of the Missing Murder” featured the world’s worst detectives; Sherlock Houses and Miss Marbles. They try to investigate a murder which had never actually taken place (the “victim” is alive and well and spotted drinking tea) in the detectives attempts to try and prove which of them is the better sleuth, however the pair find themselves obstructed by various mathematical puzzles which need solving with the help of a number of eccentric characters. The production has an enormous amount of audience participation, involving the audience in every single mathematical problem, with children up on stage and the audience working as a whole to solve the maths.

Barking up the Right Tree Theatre maths show
The tours were broken into two parts, allowing schools to see the production before Easter (in good revision time before SATs) and again at the beginning of May (last minute revision reminders)

The show was such a success we will be touring it again next year alongside our brand new S.P.A.G English show. Stay tuned for dates and availability.

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